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A Traveler’s Guide to Amsterdam’s Gay Scene

A Traveler’s Guide to Amsterdam’s Gay Scene

Martijn, a seasoned Amsterdam resident and the face behind “MartijnAroundTheWorld,” recently took us on a virtual journey through the LGBTQ+ wonderland that is the Amsterdam’s gay scene. Let’s delve into the highlights of his insider tips and recommendations.

Exploring the Heart of Amsterdam's Gay Nightlife

Martijn kicks off the adventure by introducing us to the beating heart of Amsterdam’s gay nightlife – the “Reguliersdwarsstraat.” With a rich history of gay bars spanning almost a century, this street is a diverse experiences for every gay traveler.

Weekend Wonders and Cozy Weekday Retreats

As a gay traveler, you’re in for a treat, especially during the weekends. Martijn unveils the gems tucked away in Amsterdam’s cozy bars, featuring everything from dazzling drag shows to dance spots. “Brug34” offers a laid-back atmosphere, but the real allure lies in “t Mandje,” the city’s oldest gay bar, founded in 1927 by the iconic lesbian owner Bet van Beeren.

Drag Shows and Post-Shopping Drinks at Queen's Head

Venturing further, Martijn takes us to the renowned Queen’s Head, a bustling hub known for its legendary drag shows every Thursday night. This vibrant spot, amidst the city’s hustle, is perfect for a post-shopping drink, adding a touch of glam to your Amsterdam experience.

From Fetish Bars to Quaint Hotspots

For those seeking a more edgy experience, Martijn unveils the city’s fetish bars like The Eagle and The Web. Transitioning seamlessly, he guides us to Montmartre, a charming bar next to Rembrandtplein, open late on weekends. It’s the ideal blend of quaint charm and late-night excitement.

Amsterdam Pride 2024

Summer Festivals and Amsterdam Pride Extravaganza

As a gay traveler, your summer in Amsterdam promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Martijn spills the beans on major queer festivals like Milkshake and Superflirt, each offering a unique flavor of celebration. And of course, Amsterdam Pride steals the spotlight with an 80-boat parade, setting the stage for a legendary LGBTQ+ experience.

Insider Tip: "De Trut" on Sunday Nights

Martijn, being a local, shares a precious insider tip – “De Trut” on Sunday nights. Opening its doors at 9 PM, this hidden gem follows unique rules, including a strict no-phone policy for enhanced privacy. Be punctual; it operates on a one-in, one-out basis once full.

Gay Bars and Clubs in Amsterdam

Embark on your Amsterdam adventure with Martijn’s insightful guide, tailored for the gay traveler seeking the best of the city’s LGBTQ+ tapestry. It’s not just a guide; it’s a personalized journey through the captivating Amsterdam’s gay scene.

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