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So you’re cruising through Johanneburg, craving a gay scene that sizzles like a disco ball under a summer sky? Buckle up, honey, because ETC Pub Centurion is about to blow your wig back in the best way possible. This ain’t your average, dimly-lit cocktail joint – ETC is a kaleidoscope of neon lights, thumping beats, and an open-armed welcome for every shade of the rainbow flag.

Think pulsating tunes that’ll have you shaking it ’til sunrise, drag shows fiercer than a mama bear protecting her cubs, and a crowd as diverse and dazzling as a Pride parade. Straight allies? Heck yeah, they’re part of the fam too! This inclusive haven throws the doors wide open for everyone seeking a night (or three) of unadulterated fun.

But ETC isn’t just about glitter and lip-syncing (although, honey, both are legendary!). This vibrant den boasts three bars under one roof, each with its own personality. Want to sip fancy cocktails under starlight? Hit up the Sky Bar. Craving a craft beer and a friendly chat? The Main Bar is your jam. Need a shot of tequila to fuel your dance moves? The aptly named Shot Bar awaits.

Speaking of moves, the dance floor? Honey, it’s epic. Imagine multiple levels, a pole for the daring, and DJs who spin tunes that’ll keep your feet pounding the floor ’til your shoes beg for mercy. And let’s not forget the themed nights – think Halloween bashes that’ll make your hair stand on end (in a good way!), and Drag Queen extravaganzas that’ll have you gagging for more.

But amidst the glitter and the glam, ETC never forgets what truly matters: a safe space for everyone to belong. The staff are your instant besties, ready with a smile, a sassy quip, and a listening ear. The bouncers are eagle-eyed, ensuring everyone feels secure and respected. And the overall vibe? Pure, unadulterated love and acceptance.

So, whether you’re a seasoned rainbow warrior or just dipping your toes into the fabulous world of LGBTQ+ nightlife, ETC Pub Centurion is your haven. Come raise a glass, belt out a ballad at karaoke night (Tuesdays, honey, Tuesdays!), and dance like nobody’s watching (because frankly, in this inclusive wonderland, nobody is!). Just remember, ETC isn’t just a bar, it’s a feeling. It’s the heartbeat of Jozi’s gay scene, and it’s waiting to welcome you with open arms (and maybe a fabulous feather boa). So strut your stuff, darling, and let ETC Pub Centurion paint your night with unforgettable rainbow hues!

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